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VHS Tapes for transfer to digital media

Got a few videotapes laying around?...

They seem to lurk in dark closets and dust-ridden places where we have memories of days gone by... Wouldn't you like to be able to see what's on them again?  Did you know that the average lifespan of a videotape is 10 years?

We can transfer your old tapes to digital files that you can view, edit and store on your computer or digital archive.  No need to put them to discs, since DVD's and CD's are going the way of the videotape....

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, 8mm videotape, Mini DV, Betamax, Mini DVD...  Local Pick Up Available within 15 miles of Norwalk, CT!


For those who just want to see it before it's gone....

Most places use machines that go direct to DVD but create no digital record. DVDs are great, but will be gone one day just like VHS tapes and 8mm film. We give you Mac/PC compatible digital files that will last forever!
$ 12tape
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm videotape, Mini DV, Mini DVD Fromats... other formats are available but prices do vary.
  • Delivered digitally via Dropbox 
  • High Quality Digital Transfer
  • Unedited, Raw Transfer Files


A bit more done to your videos, to make sure they are preserved well.

We will clip out blank/ blue screens as well as video drops from source.  You will be charged by the hour of actual video transferred and not charged for blank space or duplicate copies of video.
$ 28hour of actual video
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm videotape, Mini DV, Mini DVD Fromats... other formats are available but prices do vary.
    Files delivered via USB Drive and/or DVD as well as digitally via Dropbox.
  • Files Labeled from Original Information on tapes. 
  • Free Local Pick Up with 15 miles of Norwalk, CT!
Family Digital Archives - Connecticut Video Production Company


Major libraries and archives are digitizing their collections and sharing them online. Why can't a family do the same with its treasures?...  Preserve your personal memories to share with genrations to come!

In these times, photos are not even tangible.  They live on smart phones and in our computer.  Now imagine your computer hard drive fails or you lose your cloud collection of photographs and videos?  It's important to have a digital archive that is ordered and procured to save all the memories you want to share with future generations.

We deal with media every day that is important to clients and their projects.  Allow us to share our skills with you to create a digital library archive of your memories, as well as help transfer tangible ones into digital format so that a flooded basement or fire will not allow them to be lost.



This includes the purchase of a digital archival External Hard Drive and an Hour of Tutoring by Archivist on site.
$ 400creation
External Hard Drive Size may vary per application.  Media to be provided by client at time of session.
  • Up to 4 TB External Drive
  • File Management Instruction
  • Patient, Knowledgeable Instructor


On-site tutoring of how to procure your family's digital archive.
$ 85hour
2 hour minimum applies to new sessons apart from inital first hour session.
  • Step By Step Instruction
  • File Management for Computer and Devices
  • Patient, Knowledgeable Instructor


Transfer of Tangible Resources to digital format such as slides, photos and negatives.
As low as $ .53 frame
Multiple Services available including: Professional Scanning with 300 dpi for photos and 1800 dpi for slides.  Physical Cleaning and Orientation of photos or slide.
  • Professional Scanning with 300 dpi for photos and 1800 dpi for slides. 
  • Physical cleaning, dust removal and orientation of photos or slide.
  • Ordered, Titled and Numbered for Drive Placement