"I have a great idea for a TV show!... "  Make your idea a reality with Connecticut Video Production Company!

Need help to flesh out a good hook?  Need ideas on how to fill up your programming time?... It's not as easy as it sounds! Our professional production experience can help you formulate an idea and move it into production to make it a reality.

We have worked with many great ideas over the past few years for television shows helping producers to bring their ideas to the next level, many times with very limited budgets.

Give It To Me Straight, Doc

As the world of medicine becomes more and more confusing, there are many people who work everyday to make our lives better.  These medical professionals love their jobs and love to show how you're in great hands should something happen.  Explainations and preventive medicine also come into play on this show, co-created and hosted by Dr. Brian Sheets.

This show takes multiple days to shoot given the segments and medical professional's availability, plus a hlaf day chasing down great Man On The Street segments.  It also takes between  2 - 3 days to edit.

Art & Style Television

Leslie Mueller has been producing "Art and Style" for many years here in Fairfield County, CT. Upon meeting her out and about, we decided to team up to produce her show and take it to a new level. She produces up to 12 shows a year that air on Cablevision TV, but that doesn't stop her from other creative endevors! Make sure to see the Art and Style TV site for more clips of this fun show!

This show takes a day to shoot (or more depending on the subject) and 2 - 3 days to edit.

The Kiddie Kitchen

Chef Neena is an amazing Chef and Kid's culinary educator! She has a great way of teaching kids how to cook and we decided to bring that gift in front of the camera to reach more kids! She produced a series of segments that will be used as a part of a bigger show as time permits. Here is a segment of her showing how to make some yummy Garlic Fries and dipping sauce!

We shot multiple segments in a single day and took 1 1/2 days to edit.