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Who are you and what do you do?.... A question that you can have answered before you even have to be in the room. A well executed video portfolio can explain more in 2 minutes than a whole conversation can achieve. 

These days people want to be shown what you are about, not just read it. Showcase your talent or product, even show them your place of business before they come so they can experience it before leaving home. Show them the quality of your product... 

Have Connecticut Video Production Company create a reel or portfolio for you today! You can use the power of video to show the highlights of what you do or make to capture new customers, clients or fans!


Each year, we hit the streets of Stamford, CT with the many runners and walkers who raise money for the Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital.  This event brings out both participants as well as many other folks who enjoy the day. What better way to share memories of the year before but also prep and excite new participants for the following year!

This video was filmed over 6 hours of the event with a crew of 3.  It also takes between 10 - 15 hours to edit together.


The heart of the Stamford, CT community is it's library system, The Ferguson Library.  We work with the Ferguson to help capture the importance of their library system to the community as well as help them showcase the many things you can do at the Ferguson... it's more than just books!

This video was filmed over 3 days at multiple locations and took three full days to edit.


The 2016/2017 concert season looks amazing with a few "musical ports of call" that they plan to take you to through the gift of music.  This video highlights the upcoming season for the symphony to their many patrons, so they can plan accordingly.

This video was shot as a part of a series of 7 promotional videos for the whole concert season.   We shot it within 2 hours and it took 12 hours to edit all 7 videos.