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Who are you and what do you do?.... A question that you can have answered before you even have to be in the room. A well executed video portfolio can explain more in 2 minutes than a whole conversation can achieve.

These days people want to be shown what you are about, not just read it. Showcase your talent or product, even show them your place of business before they come so they can experience it before leaving home. Show them the quality of your product...

Have Connecticut Video Production Company create a reel or portfolio for you today! You can use the power of video to show the highlights of what you do or make to capture new customers, clients or fans!


PJ Pacifico is an amazing recording artist who has built up an international following from touring almost constantly throughout the country and abroad. We have had the chance to film some of his live performances; but when he was recording his new album in the studio, he called us to capture what he was doing for his fans to see all across the world.

This video was filmed over 6 hours and took 2 days to edit.


What better way to meet your doctor than through the experiences of others?  For this video, Dr. Sheets contacted a few enthusastic patients who wanted to share why they love having him as their own doctor.  Sometimes the best recommendation is directly from a customer.

This video was shot over 4 hours, with each interviewee coming in 30 minute intervals.  Editing of this video took 5 hours.


The kitchen is th most used room in the house, and proper design of that area can make or break your daily experience.  We visited a few of their favorite designs and captured them on video, adding movement and breath to the spaces.  We also worked with the designer to find styles that may differ, showing a range of design to potential customers.

This video took a full day to shoot with travel and 3 hours to edit.


Ziria Cales makes amazing handbags that are each unique in their fabrics and designs. We made a short clip for her to utilize on her website that shows just a few of her wonderful creations!

This video was filmed within a 3 hour period and took 3 hours to edit.


Vazzy's restaurants are well known around lower Fairfield County, CT and Vazzy's Osteria in Monroe wanted to show potential diners what sets them apart from the other Vazzy''s around town. We hung out for a few hours on a Friday night and captured the flavor of dining there... it's truly a family experience.

This video was filmed over 2.5 hours and took a full day to edit.


Who doesn't like ice cream? Especially when it's an amazing, fresh made flavor explosion like Rich Farm Ice Cream makes? After some of their competitors accusing them of not making it on their farm, they wanted to show everyone what goes into their ice cream and that it's made fresh right there... This video is a part of their current site.

This video was shot within 2 hours and took 4 hours to edit.


We were there the day that legendary bassist, Bakithi Kumalo, decided to take some Pigtronix pedals for a test drive....  Watching the bass become an extenstion of his body was an amazing experience, but being able to capture it on video?.... Breathtaking!

This video was shot over 3 hours and took 4 hours to edit.  The Audio was also recorded separately and beautifully mastered by Greg Tobler.